twitter at asist 2009

Recently I’ve been speaking with several folks (e.g. Megan Winget and Gene Golovshinsky) about how twitter is or might be important with respect to academic conferences.  I’ve got some research coming up where I hope to look at this.

But in the meantime, I put this together:

A screenshot:


ASIST-related words

Words appearing in recent tweets tagged with #asist, #asist09, #asist2009, #asist2010



People heading to ASIST 2009 might be interested in it.  The page just gives a snapshot (updated hourly) of words from tweets tagged with #asist, #asist09, #asist2009, and #asist2010.

A caveat: having slapped this together quickly, I’m not sure how the site will behave…I hope it is relatively solid.

I put the page up just because it seemed like a natural thing to do given the data that I’ve been collecting (relatively large amounts of twitter-generated info).  I’m hoping that it might, even a little bit, encourage the conference attendees to think of twitter as they listen, chat, etc.


One Comment on “twitter at asist 2009”

  1. donturn says:

    Great idea for a info hub. I suspect it will be less about getting people to use it and related hashtags than the quality of the wifi in the various conference rooms.

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